The Ramblings of a Land Use Planning and Urban Design Student.

Some people learn by observing, others learn by listening, and others are kinaesthetic; they need to get involved and get ‘doing’. I’m not really any of these things, or perhaps I’m a hybrid of each. I learn best by writing; by taking all that I’ve seen and heard and done, and combining these into some form of written narrative.

With a background in the arts, business, human resource management, adult education and now a student of land use planning and urban design, its little wonder that I approach learning differently to that of the conventional undergraduate university student. Learning is to me, a process of absorbing, processing and sharing information. If it can’t be shared, it hasn’t been learned.

I bring lots of other influences to my learning and writing too, which I expect will come through at different times, but my motivation for maintaing a blog is mostly one of preservation. I’ve already observed the pretentious nature of many of those working in the land use planning field. I’ve already been exposed to some of the bullshit that comes from planners with a theoretical rather than an existential viewpoint, and intend for this blog to be an historical record of my thoughts before I become one of them. Or perhaps, by maintaining this blog I can avoid it in the first instance.

Etienne The Planner is therefor a collection of my ramblings. The Ramblings of a full-time undergraduate student at the Bendigo campus of La Trobe University, in Australia. I’m enrolled to complete a Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning. I’m also a 30 something husband, father, teacher, employer and company director (for what it’s worth).

Etienne The Planner begins with postings from a 2011 study tour of Eastern Europe with 23 other La Trobe University students and academics. Not all on the trip are planning students, but most are. I’m grateful to each of them for giving me much of the fodder with which to make my observations in these early stages. I hope we stay friends…

If you like what you read, or you take exception to it, please leave a comment. I’d love to learn what those both within and without the world of planning have to say. It’s important to know that I have learned more about planning away from the classroom than I have ever learned in it, so your comments will help me along the road in this respect.


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