Planner’s Gibberish

Berlin, Germany: Day Nine

Using five words when one will do is something I’m known for. I have other skills too, but this is one I’m particularly gifted at. In my defence though, I have a strong aversion to using big words that succeed only in alienating anyone that doesn’t understand; and, it’s pompous. If using more words makes things clearer, then I’ll do it.

I’ve been thinking recently that I should begin a list of words and phrases that I hear, which although used correctly are largely pompous, and mostly pretentious. I’ve heard a few over the past few days – I’m embarrassed to admit that a couple of them I may have used myself. Sometimes, despite my best judgement, I too start talking like a wanker.

So, words or phrases that planners use that I will not, unless the person or people I am talking to use them first (and reluctantly even then) include: ‘typology’, ‘liveability’, ‘modality’, ‘outputs’, ‘specificity’ and ‘place making methodology’. Oh, and although its not planning related specifically, Ive heard the word ‘pedagogy’ used a few too many times over the past few month.

If I use any of these without my eyebrows raised to the heavens, or a cheeky, wry smile – poke me with a stick. I will have thoroughly deserved it.

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